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Saved By my New Hero

June 24, 2010
By Zzzie SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
Zzzie SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
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Based off of my story, “Finding Our Way”, “Saved by my New Hero” tell Sara and Aren’s past. You don’t have to read “Finding Our Way’, but just know that this is the prequel. Sara is a golden tabby with amber eyes. Aren has a light gray pelt and light blue eyes. Roy, Aren’s best friend, is dark brown with a few white spots near his under belly and dark brown eyes.

Part One – Sara

It was a very dark night. I was running for my life in the confusing twists and turns of the Twoleg place. Behind me, a huge dog was right at my heals. I made a left down a dark ally, which happened to be a dead end. There was a large, unable to be climbed, wall behind me, and in front of me a huge dog, lips pulled back into a vicious snarl, ready to close in on it’s prey. I closed my eyes. I’m going to die! I thought. Then, I heard a loud battle screech, and an unknown cat came up from behind the unsuspecting dog, and jumped right on it’s back! My hero! I thought.

I didn’t know much about fighting, but I couldn’t let that brave cat fight all alone and get hurt. I leaped at the dog, scratching its hind leg. “Go for its face!” the brave cat yowled at me. I knew that would involve the dogs teeth, but if I could get its eyes scratched, I also knew the dog would take off running.

“I’ll distract it, then go for its eyes,” the unknown cat said. He swarmed to the left then to the right. When the dog’s attention was fully on the other cat, I leaped. In midair I scratched the dogs beastly eyes. The dog paused for a second, decided the battle wasn’t going to get any better for it, and took off running.

I heard the other cat mumble something like “I hate that dog.” Then he turned to me. “Are you mouse brained? That is the meanest dog around here. He’ll be back soon too, so we better get out of here before that happens.”

“I’m sorry!” I said to him. “I’m new around here and I was just looking for some food. I didn’t know a dog lived near the Twoleg trash when I came up to it!”

“Ok. Just don’t let it happen again,” he replied. As he started to walk away, I noticed that he was limping pretty badly. He also was bleeding.

“Let me walk you home. You’re death waiting to happen if you walk off like that,” I insisted to him.

He looked at me up and down with his light blue eyes. I must have looked determined because he sighed, then said, “All right. You look like you could use a good rest too.”

I walked to him to let him lean on my shoulder. “By the way, what’s your name?” I asked him. “My name is Sara.”

“Aren,” he replied. “My name is Aren.” And from that moment on, I knew I was in love with him.

Part Two – Roy
I was sitting in the little room under an abandoned Twoleg house that Aren and I call home, when I scented Aren, an unfamiliar cat, and blood. I got off of my feet and hurried outside to find Aren with a golden tabby she-cat. They were both bleeding, Aren more than the she-cat. He was limping and she seemed to be helping him. “What happened?” I demanded.

“Cool it Roy. The Beast was trying to help himself to a snack,” Aren looked at the she-cat, “and I couldn’t just stand there. You could hear them ten tree lengths away. I promised Sara that she could stay here for a few days.”

Aren always has to jump in and save the day. But The Beast? Aren is gong crazy, I thought. I really didn’t want any one else in our home except Aren and me, but it would be mean to tell Sara to leave and Aren already offered. A few nights won’t hurt, I thought to my self. “Ok. I guess she can stay.” I said flatly. Then I turned to Sara. “Hi Sara. My name is Roy.”

“Hi. Aren told me about you. I’m sooooo sorry for causing your den mate to be hurt like this.” She looked at Aren for just a moment with a weird look in her eye before she turned back to me and said, “Thank you for letting me stay in your home. I promise to help with hunting and things like that.”

She might not be so bad, I considered. “Ok then. Come on in you can find spot anywhere to sleep.” I said as we helped Aren inside.

In the morning I awoke to the smell of fresh kill beside my nest. Sara meant what she said, I thought. As I looked over at Aren I noticed that he had fresh kill beside him too. Aren seemed to hear me awake, because he woke up too. I looked over at him and said “Aren, are you crazy? The Beast? You could have been killed if not worse.”

“Hey,” he replied, “I couldn’t let Sara get killed. She’s new here and clearly didn’t know anything about fighting.”

Aren always cares about other cats, I not so much. Aren could fight, and he wasn’t afraid of taking on a challenge. I liked to fight fights I knew I had a good chance of winning, but Aren pursues me to try others I’m not sure about. Were so different, yet we’ve been best friends since forever. There is one thing we’re sure about though, we both don’t want to fall in love. After whet happened to Aren’s mother . . . we know better. But the way Sara looked at Aren the other night, I wanted to remind Aren of our promise. “ Aren, are you sure she won’t stay her forever?”

“I’m sure,” Aren said. “ Sara said she would leave after a few da-“

“I don’t mean that!” I interrupted. “I mean are you sure you aren’t falling in love? Put your self in her paws. A large dog in front of you, and there’s nowhere to run. Then suddenly, a handsome tom leaps out of the darkness and save you from the meanest dog in the world. Don’t you think she’ll be more than a little grateful that you saved her life?”

“Roy, that’s not going to happen, Even if I loved Sara you know I know better.” Aren’s eyes clouded with sadness for a moment. “Besides, that’s not going to happen. And just so you’re sure I mean what I say, you can have my tail if it does happen.”

“Ok. Fine. I just wanted to make sure because of the way sh-“ I was cut off because Sara walked in with a mouth full of prey.

“Oh, good, you’re both awake. I hope you liked the fresh kill I found,” Sara said looking at Aren more than me when she said that, “I just went out to hunt for myself.”

Part Three – Aren

New Leaf was ending, and Sara was still living with Roy and me. I didn’t mind though. Sara was nice to go on hunts with, talk to, and even just be around. But, when I would start to think I had even more feelings for her than enjoying her company, I would remind myself of what happened to my own mother, and immediately forget about it. I had to keep reminding myself more and more lately. Sara was becoming a big part of my life. To big. I would often think. Then I would remember all the good things about Sara and I’d be right back to where I started.
My life was getting out of control. Roy was dropping hints that I was to close to Sara almost everyday. Sara didn’t seem to mind. She ignored the comments that Roy said and instead of pulling away from me, she would just get closer. Some days I would think that getting close to Sara wasn’t a bad thing, and others days I would try to stay away from her. I was glad on the days that I was closer to Sara that she forgave me for the days I wasn’t. Sara was like the best piece of prey I ever ate, only to find out that it was filled with poison and I couldn’t stop eating.
My life was like that until one day in the middle of New Leaf, we all went out to hunt. I had just returned home with a mouth full of prey, when I heard a resell of leafs behind me. Then I smelled Sara’s sweet sent. She had a mouth full of prey and the most excided eyes you would ever see in your life.
“Aren I have great news!” Sara exclaimed. “I’m going to have kits!” For a moment I felt as happy as I could get. Then I remembered that I promised not to love and my happiness flared. “Aren, what’s wrong?” Sara asked with concern.
“It’s just…” I couldn’t find the words. But I at least owed Sara an explanation. I tried again. “Sara, a long time ago, Roy and I promised each other, and ourselves, that we would never love.”
“ Why-“ Sara started to say, but I cut her off. This story was hard enough to tell. I didn’t want Sara asking questions that would make it harder.

“I’ve been keeping that from you because there is a story behind it. My story.” I said. “Sara, I was my mother’s first litter and she died a few days after my two sisters and me were born. My father brought us to a cat that just had kits and lost all of her litter except one tom. That tom was Roy. But, by the time we were two moons old, both of my sisters were dead. When we were six moons old, a monster killed Roy’s mother. Roy’s father was dead before he was born and all my father ever did was teach us how to hunt and fight. After Roy’s mother died, we were on our own. Roy and I never wanted what happened to us to ever happen to another cat, so we promised never to love.”

“ Oh Aren,” Sara said. “ You should have told me about this. But now that I’ve heard about your life, maybe you should here about mine. I was born a kittypet. I never met my father. And, when you’re a kittypet, you Twolegs give you away when as soon as you can be away from your mother. I came here because my housefork abandoned me. I came here to start a new life.”

“ But Sara,” I replied “What about when the kits come? You and I don’t know what to do. I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you.”

“ It will be all right, “ Sara promised. “ I was my mother’s third litter and Roy’s mother survived too. And if something happens to me, you will take care of the kits. I know you will.”

Suddenly, we heard a resell of leafs behind us and saw the end of Roy’s tail disappearing into the bushes. Clearly, he had heard every word we said.

Part Four – Roy

I couldn’t believe Aren broke our promise! I was so mad at him I couldn’t stand it. I had to get away from that liar. I heard the sounds of running feet behind me, and Aren calling my name. I ran. Across Thunder paths, over Twoleg fences, and around buildings. Suddenly, I couldn’t take it any more I spun around to face Aren. I wanted to dig my claws into something. “ You broke our promise!’ yowled as I leaped at Aren. This fight I wasn’t afraid of.

Aren quickly dodged me and spun around. “Do you think I feel to good about doing that right now?” he asked me. I leaped again.
This time Aren was ready. He grabbed me and pined me down. “I’m sorry.” Aren said. “I never meant for this to happen. I do love Sara, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get away from her.”
“ I don’t care!” I yowled as I pushed Aren off of me and started running again.
“Roy, no!” I heard Aren yowl. I didn’t care what he said, until I found myself staring right into the eyes of The Beast.

Part Five – Aren

I saw The Beast grab Roy with his huge moth. Roy screeched in pain as the Beast broke his leg and made him bleed. Suddenly, hearing my calls, The Beast dropped Roy and started running after me. I could of fought The Beast with two other cats, or maybe just one. But I couldn’t fight The Beast alone, so I did the only thing I could do. I ran.

I ran like I never had before. Everything went by in a blur. I was passing Twoleg nests, big and small, jumping over fences high as a horse, and running like a cheetah, but nothing slowed down The Beast. I was crossing a Thunder path when I hear a loud screech of a monster and a yelp of a dog, to turn around and find The Beast dead in front of a monster.

I couldn’t stop to take a break, because I had to run back to Roy to make sure he was ok. When I found him, he was laying on the ground, covered in scarlet blood. “Roy!” shouted as I ran to him.

“ Aren… I’m glad you… came back.” Roy wheezed. “I… didn’t know if you could… make it back before…” This time I couldn’t let him finish.

“ What are you talking about Roy? You’re going to be fine.” I said. Roy couldn’t die, he couldn’t!

“ Aren, you and I…both know… I’m not going to make it back. So… I wanted to say… I’m … I’m…sorry.” That was the last Roy said to me. I couldn’t believe it. No more play fights, no more hunting together, nothing. It was all over. Roy was dead.

“ Aren? Aren?” I heard Sara call. I couldn’t answer her. I was still shocked. Sara found me anyway. Even though my eyes were closed, I still heard her gasp when she saw what happened to Roy. I felt her press agents my side. I was happy I didn’t have to talk as Sara lead me back to our home and put me in my nest. Then she curled up beside me and fell asleep almost as soon as she sat down. Even though I was just as tired, I couldn’t fall asleep that night.
Barley speaking above a whisper, I told Sara what had happened in the morning. I could see she was upset too. In time, Roy would have been a good friend to Sara. I was sadder than ever. I felt like dieing myself. But Sara said to me “We still have each other. We still have our kits. Life will go on, and of course you’ll still be sad for a while, but you’ll start to feel better. We still have our memories, and Roy will live forever in our hearts.” I believed her. I couldn’t leave Sara any way. We had each other, and we were going to have our kits. Life would go on, and I would live it with my family.

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