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June 8, 2010
By KiraS. SILVER, Newburgh, Indiana
KiraS. SILVER, Newburgh, Indiana
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"Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself."- J.K.Rowling

“Philip you’re up”, yelled Coach Williams. A tall boy brown hair and handsome features stood and walked over to take his diving test. As Philip walked by the girls who came to watch they stopped giggling and whispering immediately. Philip just smiled and kept walking.

“All right prettyboy you ready?” Philip crouched in response. “ Ok on my whistle. Three-two-one.” He gave a short blast on the whistle. Philip sprang, arched and disappeared beneath the rhythmic surface of the waves.

It was as though he had entered another world. This new colorful world was fascinating. This world was full of hidden secrets, color, wonder, and not to mention fish. There was just so many of them. Little ones, big ones, dangerous ones, harmless ones. Even though he had to swim above the reef it was still awe-inspiringly beautiful. Nearby there was a place were it inclined upward. It was here Philip swam and here where he saw the flash of gold that didn’t belong there.
Philip swam over to examine whatever it was. He began to brush away the grains of sand on it. As he brushed away the last bits of sand, he checked his waterproof watch. He had only been under a mere 45 seconds, there was still plenty of time left. After all he himself could hold his breath for two minutes.
Now he examined the gold thing resting on the sand. Little did he know it would continue to rest there. It was a Rolex. Not just any Rolex, though as one might think, no, it was the exact same Rolex the rest of the family had given his father. But that was nonsense, his father had died in a car crash. Besides, the Rolex his father had had had a message on the back. Philip turned this watch over and was shocked to find the same message:

Dear Richard,
We love you so much because you are such a great person.
It couldn’t be possible. It just couldn’t be. Yet even as he thought this he was forced to believe it. But his father had died in a car accident. That’s what the men had told his mother while he was supposedly in bed. They had said that he’d gone over the cliff it had taken place on, and that that’s why they couldn’t retrieve the body. But if the Rolex was here too, then that must mean.
The body was there too.
Philip couldn’t believe it yet he still checked his watch. He still had 50 seconds. He began searching for his father all around the “hilltop”. He found him fairly quickly, hidden in shadows so he couldn’t be seen properly. As Philip drew closer he saw that there was no way anything could fall down here and land so gracefully. He looked like he was slumped casually against a rock as though resting from a long and tiresome hike.
But as Philip got closer a terrible sight met his eyes. Yes, it was his father but he almost didn’t recognize him. His face was stretched taut in a scream that would have surely broken his eardrums. Rather than the handsome father he remembered, this corpse of him looked waxy, inanimate. His eyes bugged out, staring at something to the right of him. These too looked inanimate, and milky white. There were long furrows on his face where he had torn at himself in agony. This was the look of someone who had been tortured. Tortured beyond imaginable.
Philip couldn’t breath, he had gasped when he had seen his fathers corpse, thus taking on water fast. He tried to check his watch but the numbers were too little, they were just blurry smudges. He flew out of the shadows and went up as fast as he could. Pain lanced up his leg as he hit a stray piece of coral. He wasn’t going to make it. His vision was dimming. He was vaguely aware that the blood from his leg would attract sharks. He wouldn’t survive a feeding frenzy. He was drifting backwards. Back to the place he used to love but now was repulsed with. He was blacking out. The surface was growing farther away. Suddenly, he was soaring upward, like a grandparent hoists a small child. Blackness.
He was being carried along by coach. Blood was spattering the sand. A girl screamed. He was shivering uncontrollably, but his leg was hot and sticky.
He was in a soft bed in a bright room. Sunlight was streaming in through the open window. He could hear music.
He was awake. He felt one emotion so strong he thought it would kill him;

The author's comments:
this is my best piece of literature that I've ever written.

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Favorite Quote:
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” -Dr. Seuss

I really like your style of writing! It's really intense, I hope you write some more