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Hollywood's Bloody Secrets Chapter 1 The Misery Called Life

May 16, 2010
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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Sydney lived in a small apartment with her older brother David. The small apartment was all she ever really knew. Well ever sense she was three, when he parents died. Sydney never left the apartment, never went to school, and never took a walk outside.
“Sydney where the hell are ‘ya” David screamed.
Her heartbeat quickened with fear. She was scared to death of him. Why? Because every day when he got home he made it a point to show her who was in charge. He made it a point that he was stronger than her and he could do whatever he wanted. He hurt her every day, each day the beatings came at 4:05 P.M. But yet Sydney felt lucky. At least from 10:00 P.M. to 4:05 P.M the next day he was gone. At 10:00 he went partying at some club with his snobby girlfriend. “SYDNEY!” He screamed again. Quickly she ran to the door and locked it. He must’ve heard her footsteps or smelled her fear because the next thing she knew he was at the door.
“Open this f***ing door right now! Can you hear me? Are you listening to me you son of a b****!” Sydney just sat there on her bed her breathing heavy and nervous. Then she heard a metal door scrape across the cement floor as David picked it up. He banged it at the door until the door finally broke. “There you are sis” he said with a smirk on his face. He held the chair over his head his face as insane and psychotic as ever. One moment he was standing there, the next he threw the chair. Sydney curled her body up into a ball to try to guard her from the attack. Of cause her flesh did no help shielding her from the cold metal chair. The chair came down right on top of her and she let out a scream of pain. Then her brother ran over and started punching her.
“There, you like that, huh? You like that punk? Why you still awake? You think I’m gonna stop? You think so? Huh? Really? Well think again!”
After a while of being beaten the moment of peace came. Red blurred over Sydney’s vision before everything went black. She was used to being unconscious then waking up in pain. Just the same as most normal kids are used to getting up early in the morning and going to school. When she finally opened her eyes again the clock read 11:08 PM. Seven hours. She let out a sigh of release when she realized it was after ten and David would have already left. Sydney left her room and went into the living room. She sat down on the soft couch and noticed David’s laptop sitting on the coffee table. She grabbed the computer, knowing if her brother ended up randomly coming home she would be dead, and turned it on. There was a password that needed to be entered when turning on the computer. Sydney took a guess.” K-Y-R-I-N-A.” Of course she was right. David was so obsessed with his sl**ty girlfriend. Her guess was that the only reason must’ve been because her daddy owned one of the best clubs in town so he could get all the beer he wanted for free. Either that or because she would have sex with any guy she met.
When on the computer Sydney found out about a site called “YouTube” It had all these videos of different things. Like this thing called music that she never heard of. She began to learn lyrics to songs and figure out her favorite artists and even made her own songs. She made her own YouTube account, xXxSydney-LuvlessxXx; she sang her own songs and posted them. Along with posting videos she also watched some. She found out about a show called “The Saved”. The show was about these fictional hero’s called “Police Officers”. These hero’s went out and saved people who lived in houses where they were abused. Too bad this stuff was all made up.
Sydney posted videos three days ago. And today she received a message on YouTube from a person whose username was CarterRecords.
“Hello Sydney, my name is Joe Carter and I am the founder of the Carter Record Company in Los Angeles California. You have a truly unique voice and I would love to work with you in the music business. I would like to offer you a Record deal. Please respond and I would love to meet up with you in person.
Thank you
Joe Carter, Carter Records”
“Oh My God!!!!” Sydney screamed with joy. She wrote a message back saying she would be honored to join the team at Carter records. They exchanged messages and Mr. Carter arranged to send plane tickets to her immediately. At three o clock Sydney deleted the history from the computer. Instead of hiding in her room like she normally would she decided what the heck and went into the kitchen. She grabbed a bag of chips, knowing she was not allowed to have them, knowing her “food” was in the fridge. In other words, the leftover crap from whatever David had for dinner, very small amount, almost nothing. She went and sat on the couch eating the bag of chips. David got home two hours later than usual. He was as drunk as a skunk. “What’re you doing with my chips you little witcho” he slurred “Eating them” Sydney said stuffing her mouth. “I’m going to kill you, you piece of s***” he said his voice a slur, He was so drunk he looked like he would fall over. “When did you the n-n-nerve to talk to me like dat” he said stuttering some. “Don’t you talk to him like that you little b*****” a girls voice said. “Kyrina? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home sleeping with some random guy you met?” I said. Kyrina threw a punch and hit Sydney in the jaw. Sydney ran into her room spilling the bag of chips. She wasn’t scared of her. And somehow managed to get a good night’s sleep, for once without a beating putting her to sleep. She woke up around three A.M the next morning. Quietly she walked out of her room, happy to find no one was home. She opened the door and walked outside, for the first time in twelve years. She went to the mailbox.
“It came” she whispered.
She put the plane tickets in her pocket and went back inside.

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