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May 12, 2010
By susiepoosie BRONZE, Everett, Washington
susiepoosie BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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It was morning and a beautiful light was shining through my window. I looked outside and saw the beautiful view of the ocean, clear blue water, white sand beach And tall green palm trees. Thinking how blessed I am to wake up to this site everyday. I got up and out of my comfortable cotton bed. I looked around; and I saw that my clothes were all over the floor. I started picking them up, and then heard my name being called,
“Luca!” My mom yelled.
“Breakfast is ready!”
I dropped what I was doing and ran down the three stories of white stairs. I got down and all I saw was the delicious oranges, blood red strawberries, pink watermelon, and pale bananas. My stomach growled. I sat down and started to eat some watermelon, tasting the sweet water that trickled down my chin.

“Mmmhmm good” I murmured to myself. I opened my eyes, rolling in and back to reality. I looked up from the fruit and saw my sister Delia, who was still in her pajamas, doing the same exact thing.
“Um, what are you guys doing?” my parents said in unison. I looked at my mother, Baja, and saw her long bleach blond hair acting like a canopy on her skinny shoulders, and her stunning Columbian skin color, reflecting her green eyes. My dad, Keanu, looked like any other dad, wearing a white shirt, plaid boxers, baby blue robe, and sharp glasses.
“Hey now, we’re just enjoying this wonderful fruit”, Delia said while wiping the juice off of her silk pajamas. My parents laughed,
“Okay, okay”, they said in acceptance.

“So, what are we doing today?” asked Delia turning to me.

“Well, I don’t know, what do you want to do?” I asked still staring at the fruit, choosing what to eat next.

“Let’s go exploring in the woods!” she replied very childishly, although she was 16 years-old.

“Good idea.” I said, going with it. I got up, wiped my mouth, and went to get dressed. When we were done getting ready we trudged into the beautiful forest hugging the beach.

“Do you think that there are monkeys here?” Delia asked as she swept under the branch of a tree.

“Well, yeah Delia, I mean we live in the Bahamas”. I replied, acting very smart and wise, although my 15-year-old mind could not compare to her gifted one.

“I was just wondering”, she said looking down.
As we walked on, our eyes melting over the new and glistening plants and flowers, we came upon something smoky. Then we heard something twang, all around us.
“What was that?” Delia whispered quickly.
“I’m not sure.” I said.
Goosebumps traced my spine and I suddenly got bad vibes from this place.
Run, I thought.
“Let’s get out of here!” I yelled.
We started to run but the earth began to shake. Then we stopped in our tracks, frozen.
“Earthquake, this must be an earthquake.” Delia whispered hiding under a tree.
“No, no, this is not an earthquake.” I said. And as I sprang up, ready to book it down back to our house, a tsunami formed near the ocean. We saw its shadow on the ground, and then looked up to find it about to sweep us away, like ants on a broom.
“RUN!” Delia screamed at the top of her lungs.
But I knew that this was over, we were about to be dead in a matter of seconds…

“Hey man, are you guys alright?”

“Hey, man?”

“HEY MAN!” I heard.
I slowly opened my eyes, but found it hard. Open, close, open more, close, and then OPEN, I thought to myself.
As I finally opened my eyes all the way, I saw a guy, long brown hair, and a very noticeable tan vest. He was on his knees crouched over me. He looked like he was from a 70’s TV show.

“Where am I?” I asked, still foggy.

“You’re at Woodstock dude!” he said.
I widened my eyes, and I couldn’t believe it. I got up and looked around, seeing all the long hair and fringe vests. All I was thinking was, is this for real?

I heard yelling, “Luca? Luca? LUCA, WHERE ARE YOU? Where’s my brother?! Help me find my brother!”

I looked behind me and saw my skinny and petite sister pushing through
crowds of tall hippies.
“I’m right here!” I yelled to her.

“Oh, thank Bob Marley your here!” she said.

“Luca, why are we here? That tsunami must have been some kind of time machine thing!” she rambled on.

“Delia, I think it was. But we just need to calm down, and figure this out, alright?” I said calmly.

“Okay, okay.” She said while deep breathing.

I stood up, shaking off some weird moon dust that mysteriously appeared on my shoulders. I looked around, nodding my head.

“Hey, this is kind of cool.” I told her.

I looked at her, and saw her looking around nervously.

“Delia, it will be okay, let’s just enjoy ourselves.” I comforted her.

“Okay, I guess.” She replied.

It couldn’t hurt to have a little fun, right? As we started to walk toward the food we heard voices calling us over.

“Hey, kids.”

I turned around and saw a young guy; he looked around the age of 19, same with the girl who was leaning on his shoulder. We started walking toward them in curiosity and saw them sitting on the floor of their Volkswagen bus. The bus was colored yellow with flowers and peace signs on the side, and a bunch of bumper stickers on the back. Saying things like “Flower power”, and “All you need is love”. The girl was wearing a tie-dye dress and a headband that went straight across her forehead. The guy was rockin’ a fringe vest, a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt, some old jeans, and a guitar on his lap.

“What are you kids doing wandering around here?” the women asked getting up.

“We don’t really now how we got here.” I replied.

They laughed,
“Oh, I see!” the guy said.
When we didn’t laugh along they stopped and said
“Oh, never mind.”
“Well my name is Dayton, and this is Willow.”

“You guys can hang around here with us if you want.” He said.

“Hey that’s funny; my grandparent’s names are Dayton and Willow.” Delia said.
I looked at her in wide eyes, and she looked back in shock.
“Rad man!” they said smiling.

Could these people be our grandparents? They did kind of look like Grandma Willow and Grandpa Dayton, under all those wrinkles.

“So, what is there to do around here?’ I asked.

“What isn’t there to do!?” Dayton replied.

“We should probably start our camp fire soon.” He said.

“You can help if you want”
I agreed to help; I mean what else were we supposed to do around here.
First, we went into the woods to gather wood that has already fallen on the tress, and then we came back and found Delia and Willow meditating on the muddy ground. Delia had on a tie-dye dress exactly like Willows, no shoes, and hemp bracelets all up and down her arms.

I smiled at her and came and sat down next to her in the mud. The sky was gray, and sad, but the people under it were as happy as ever. The grass was all torn out on the fields because of all the people laying and sitting on it, there were stands up on the right side of the field, all saying things like “free food” and “hemp bracelets”. And down the field, was the stage, with music booming out of it, creating waves of electricity in the crowd, it was beautiful, like everyone was swaying back and forth. It looked as if you can see the music, but it was like electricity waves. I closed my eyes, and didn’t think, just sat there, listening to the music. I felt as if a part of my heart was missing and this music filled the cracks and holes. And I sat there, swaying back and forth, slowly gliding away from reality.

When I woke up, it was dark, and apparently 11:11 at night the same day. I got up, and no one seemed to be here, but I heard voices near the river. I started walking near the voices, feeling very weird, like all those other times I had taken naps during the day and woke up at night. I came toward the river, pushing the tree branches away to make a pathway; the river was glistening on the moonlight, and people were under it swimming and splashing each other with water.

“Hey Luca!” Delia said, slowly coming out of the water.
She was dripping wet and it didn’t seem like she cared. I smiled at her then yawned.
“Jeez, you were really tired, you were sleeping like a baby.” She told me.
“Yeah I know,” I laughed.
“What are you guys doing?” I asked.
“Well, when you fell asleep we made the fire but then the rain put it out, so we decided to go swimming.” She explained.
“Oh, I see.” I said looking behind her at Willow and Dayton.
Dayton had wavy light chocolate brown hair that went down to his chin and green eyes that were transparent. He always wore a shell necklace around his neck. He didn’t look like he belonged here like everyone else, but he was probably here for Willow. Willow had bleach blond hair, that was very straight and parted down the middle. She had brown eyes that were very deep in color. They were very cute together, it seemed like they had been with each other for years, even though they were only 19.

Dayton and Willow wanted to head back to their camp, and have a “moonlight meal” they called it. We headed back into the dark forest, I was scared but a second later we started hearing the music and that calmed me. As we got back to their bus, they pulled out an assortment of fruit and vegetables out of their fridge.
“All homegrown!” they said smiling, like they were proud.
“Do you guys live in here?” Delia asked.
“Yeah, we ran away together last year, so were just living in here until we get a place of our own.” Willow said.
“Hey! We got to get down there, their having a wheel of fortune spin! Whatever you land on you get it! And they have one that is two million dollars!”
Dayton yelled excitedly.
Willow shook her head smiling.

“Alright, let’s go.”

We got down there almost missing it. They were just about to pack up.
“Well hello there!” the man in charge said. He had a white and blue striped hat on that was really long. He looked like he owned a circus.
“Want to take her for a spin?” he asked.
“Sure!” Dayton said with a big smile on his face.
He grabbed the wheel and spun it as hard as he can. It seemed like forever until it stopped.
“C’mon...C’mon…two million dollars!” he yelled.
Ad the wheel started to slow, candy, bus, hemp, it all passed. Then all of a sudden, it stopped.
“Two million dollars yes sir!” the man yelled, still staring at the wheel as if he won it.
Willow and Dayton’s jaws touched the floor, while Delia was jumping up in down like she was at one of her cheerleading matches.
It took a while for Dayton and Willow to recover from their exciting news.
But once they finally did, everything seemed oddly normal.
“There they are!” we heard yelling in the forest.
As we stared at the forest frozen, we saw branches and plants shuffling.
Then about 5 cops came out with an odd looking man.
He had a spacesuit on and weird goggles.
“There they are, there are the spies!” he yelled.
Delia and I exchanged confused looks.
“What?” I asked.
“Yeah, what?” Dayton and Willow said at the same time.
Before anyone could say anything we heard
“Whoa, guys, not cool!” Dayton said.
But we were already on our way into the forest running.
“Come on!” Delia yelled.
I was slower than her fast long legs but I had to push with all I had.
Then all of a sudden I got speed like a jet. I ran up right next to her. I looked back to see if they were still following us, but then I felt the ground below me disappear.
“Ahhhhhhh!” Delia was yelling at the top of her lungs.
I looked down and saw a dark river, which looked fast and cold. I looked up and said saw my life flash before my eyes. Or so I thought it was my life. I heard something twang all around me. I saw a bright light and then heard a ZAP!

It smelled like burnt rubber and I felt like crap.
Wait, what?
“Where am I?!” I yelled and got up quickly only to find that I was on my home beach.
I looked around and saw Delia wake up then start coughing at the far end of the beach.
She sat up and looked over at me then got up and started running toward me.
“Oh my gosh, Luca! What just happened?!” she yelled in my face when she got close enough.
“I honestly have no idea” I said confused and dazed.
“We were there and now all of a sudden were back home and what happened to mom and dad and are they still alive and oh my gosh we met our grandparents and that’s why were so rich and…” she kept rambling.
“Delia, I know it’s scary, but we just had an amazing experience that we can’t explain.” I said calmly.
“Yeah I guess your right…” she said thoughtfully.
“But why the heck are you so calm?”
I honestly have no idea why I was so calm. I would say that Woodstock changed my life. I realize so much more and my eyes are widened to a whole new world. We will never know what happened but that’s good enough for me.
“Come one, let’s go home and have something to eat.” I said taking her arm.
“Okay.” She said nodding her head but still shaking.
I grabbed her hand and we headed back home, with those magical memories of Woodstock that we will never forget.

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