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The Fate of Shunto

December 12, 2009
By pkf007 BRONZE, Bremen, Kentucky
pkf007 BRONZE, Bremen, Kentucky
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I quickened my pace, not wanting to be late. I had planned a meeting with a rival clan leader some time ago. When people saw me walking down the street they moved out of my way. They knew what would happen if they didn’t. But as soon as I passed, I knew they would all begin talking about what it was like before I came bringing my ruthless clan of Votovians with me.

I made it to my destination without a problem. I stepped inside Mokazob, quite a famous bar in this city. There was Shunto, the leader of a small, yet very annoying, clan. They called themselves The Prophets of Light. They have robbed our transports and killed our messengers for the last time. They posed a threat, a very small one, but still a threat.

I waltzed over to the table showing more pride than necessary, and making an effort to show off my weapons and expensive clothes.

"Lets get down to business," I said as I sat down.

“Ahh, yes. Your terms of surrender I presume.” I had forgotten how arrogant Shunto was.

I leaned forward placing both of my arms onto the table. In a dark tone I said, “This is my city Sunto. This is my city, and Velcroz is mine, and Crandov, and many more. You don’t even have a district to call your own, so I suggest you shut your fat mouth and let me do the negotiating. Do you understand me?”

“No. I don’t. You’ve come with no protection. I don’t understand why. You stupid, stupid man,” Shunto said. He made a motion with his hand. His four guards stood up and drew their weapons. He laughed,

“Hahaha! Who is in control now?”

“Still me,” I groaned. Around half of the men in Mokazob stood, knocked over chairs, and drew their weapons. I stood up, and laughed savoring the moment. Shunto’s guards looked like lost puppies.

In a very sinister way, I placed my palms on the table. “See Shunto? This is still my city.” I walked around the table to look into his face. “This can be your death or surrender, which fate do you chose?” I asked darkly.

“I chose the fate of warrior. Let my fate be the same as his.”

“Fine. Kill them all.” I walked out of the Mokazob quite content with what had conspired there. I began the journey back to Velcroz, my capital city.

The author's comments:
I am kind of nervous about how people on Teen Ink are going to accept my story. It's just something I threw together in about an hour so I wont take everything die hard seriously, but I will appreciate any constructive criticism and or any compliments you may have. Enjoy.

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