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Tonight We Come... (pg 11)

November 9, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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The girl looked down and then moved her jaw. I was starting to turn away when wet warm clear goo flew into my face. I staggered away. How could she? Was I that bad? I slowly wiped the spit full of hatred off of my face. How could I be so hated?

“How dare you?! You, you murderer! You horrible monster! How dare you! I will never respect you! Your sole is as black as coal!” Screamed the girl. She kicked and punched Gordon, obviously trying to lunge at me.

Fine, if she wanted to fight, then she could have it. I charged forward thinking that it was my only solution to teach her a lesson. I almost had hold of her when an unknown figure tackled me. It was easily a man, for his kicks and punches were strong and full.

I threw random punches and was blindly thrown in circles. I hit my target a few times getting a few extra seconds to observe my surroundings, then only to get a kick or two in return. It was an even match. This was not going to be short.

Behind me I could hear Gordon struggling with the girl. He held on tight, but then finally fell to the ground after being elbowed in the gut for the tenth time. He held his chest and his lungs were empty. Then he got a nasty kick in the face by the girl before completely giving up. Poor buddy, I was so mean to him and now I can’t do anything to help him. What kind of monster have I become? Another punch came flying at me. I turned and smacked my attacker in the face and continued to fight.

The girl ran for her mother and younger sibling to help them in their fight against the three soldiers holding the old man. Man am I an idiot. I left the woman and child unguarded. Together they defeated one soldier after, each one landing on the ground with a thump. I returned to the fight and then kicked and punched the man in front of me. We struggled and out of the corner of my eye, I could see the little old man holding a small object. What was he doing? NO!

“This is for your cold heart that has killed so many without reason!” yelled
the man. He took the object in his hand and threw it with all his might directly at me. My attacker looked and saw the object coming, stepping back to avoid getting hit.

The object, now knowing it was a stone, hit me hard in the head. I fell to the ground not knowing what had happened and thought of my family back home. This was the end, I have failed. I have failed my family. If I am lucky enough to even live through to this wound and return to the General I would be dead meat.

I let myself fall not caring about anything anymore. At first, sadness ran through my head. Sad for myself, sad for my clan, sad for my family. But then, anger, pure anger surged through my body.

At that moment, I swear that somehow, I had become the General. The hating evil General. I felt his emotions, his hatred, and his anger. He was me, and I was him. We were two connected as one.

I opened my eyes a crack and looked up at the family above me. “You shall all pay.” I then coughed and silently, slowly passed out and began my journey through the pure darkness, waiting for the light to reappear.

Tonight we came... Tonight we fought... Tonight I have lost...

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on May. 14 2010 at 6:37 pm
Imaginedangerous PLATINUM, Riverton, Utah
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It's very good. You are terrific. It could be made into fewer submissions, though- like three or four stories to open instead of eleven.