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Tonight We Come... (pg 10)

November 9, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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“Shut up! All of you! You are all under arrest!” I shouted, hoping that I sounded serious and ready to put up a fight. “Gordon, get your lazy butt over here and help me chain them up! The rest of you, keep hold of the prisoners! We cannot afford for them to escape. I do not want to have to report to the General again!”

That would have been horrible. Having to go back and face the General only to tell him that I have yet failed again. Gordon turned to me, holding the young girl in front of him with tight arms. She glanced around back at the pile of debris as if expecting something to be there. Something to help her.

The old man looked around and realized what was going on. “Let go of me you fools! You are all fools!” He was struggling against the three soldiers to get free, but only got held back. I gave a nod to the strongest soldier and he smacked the old man across the face several times. The cherry red blood oozed out from under the man’s nose. He hung loosely and let his head fall. He had given up…

“Don’t touch him!” Yelled the girl with bravery.

Oh great, this is going to make things much more interesting now. Sometimes I hate being the bad guy. But then I thought back to the General, how he said I need to live up to my name. Leader... I got up as much courage as possible and tried to make myself as scary and fearless as the General. After all, she was just a mere girl.

“Oh, and what do we have here?” I mocked, surprising the soldiers around me. “A young girl trying to protect her fragile grandpa?” I attempted a chuckle and then walked over to her. I slowly bent down so that we were level, eye to eye, and stared straight just like the General had done. She looked away trying to avoid my gaze. I then decided the only way I could show her who was boss, was to grab her chin and force her to look into my face.

“It looks like someone needs to be taught how to respect.” I announced looking back at the soldiers with a smile. They laughed and then returned to their serious faces. “I’ll remember that when I present you to the king. He has special jobs for those that disrespect.”?
I continued to stare at her and realized that she was just a little younger than me. Wouldn’t she be with her boyfriend on her last night in London. It would be their last night together. I thought of a rude comment to make myself seem powerful. “So, do you have a boyfriend girly? Hahahaha.” I asked in a giddy sickly way. I sounded like a drunk low-life looking for trouble.

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