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Tonight We Come... (pg 9)

November 9, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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This was the perfect time to get them. They were clueless and would easily be captured. My left hand motioned the soldiers behind my to follow. Then we went ahead. We quickly tiptoed down the street, staying close to the wall to avoid being seen.

“No!” screamed the young girl frantically. “I am not going to leave you! Not when you are hurt and defenseless like this! Are you hurt?! Come on dad don’t do this to us! We are not going to leave you hear to die...”

She was standing next to a pile of rubble from the explosion. Man, she really needed help if she was talking to nobody. That explosion must of really messed her up.

As we got closer Gordon said, “Now what do we do?”

“Shut up!” I accidently shouted.

Hearing our voices the young girl turned around to where we were standing. The five of us sucked in our stomaches and held our breath as she looked, but seeing nothing turned around again. We let out a sigh. Hiding in the shadow of the building was a great way to sneak.

She then focused her attention to the rubble pile again and started forward. The woman, most likely her mother quickly grabbed her arm and whispered, “Kiki, we must hide they are coming! Your father will be fine! He is right, it is better to have one of us caught than all of us!”

“Now!” I yelled.

We ran as fast as we could to capture the family. As we ran I directed who was to capture who with my hands. We got closer.

“NO!” The girl shook and kicked to get away from her mother, succeeding, but then getting a big surprise when Gordon quickly got a hold of her.

Gordon struggled slightly as she kicked and shook. She screamed and scratched at the body that held her. Her eyes were tight and shut as she desperately tried to get away.

The three other soldiers made it for the old man just in case. And I grabbed the woman with the frightened child. The child cried to her mother. “Get away! Who are you! Let me go you meanie! Mommy help me! Help me mommy help!” The child’s cries reminded me of my little Sammy. I winced as the cries continued.

I kept hold of the woman, but she did not seem to want to even try to get away. She just stood there wailing. “Please let her go! She did nothing to you! Let the child go and take me in her place!”

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