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Tonight WE Come... (PART 2, pg1)

November 9, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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The small corners of my mouth slowly tightened into a fine grin. I stood tall and proud over all the rest, and looked at the scene around me. The sky was just starting to blacken over the camp buzzing with busy soldiers preparing for tonight.
The dark brown uniforms scrambled this way and that way. They swerved in and out of tall green tents big enough for twenty strong soldiers to comfortably move about. They raced along the camp making sure they were ready for the big night.

I chuckled as I watched the Fire Clan from above on a hill. They struggled to prepare themselves throughout the camp and then I turned to the General standing beside me. He was also observing, but with a strait face of hidden hatred. He was taller than me, lean, and very young. He had dark blue eyes and black shiny hair that stood flat on top of his square head. He was cleanly shaved, and held his hands behind his back as he straightly stood to observe the clatter below him.

“We will be ready in a short amount of time now... The King has made new orders and we-”

“You shall address me as ‘General’ soldier. Nothing more... Nothing less...” He interrupted me with a sharp tone. “As ready as we may seem, our army is not as prepared as we should be.”

I looked straight forward, past him as if he was nothing but a ghost, not moving a muscle to show him my respect. “General, I have dishonored you. Please accept my apologies. I shall never make that mistake again General.”

He looked at me with disgust, then turned again to face the camp down below. “You better not soldier, for if you do, I will make sure to address the King and have you removed from your position. You are useless...” He grunted and crossed his muscular arms behind is back. In his right hand was his thin brown whip. It hung loosely by his side as he stared down at the struggling soldiers with his black deep eyes. If I didn’t know any better, it looked as if he was their enemy, rather than their leader.

I stared down at the ground to show him that I understood my foolishness. This was war, and I was treating it as if we were going to play a mere game of soccer. I stood straight and tall and returned to observing the scene below our base. Tonight was the night, and we had to get ready. Tonight is the night... Tonight is the night that will change our lives forever... Tonight we will come, and we will fight.


The author's comments:
"Tonight We Come" is the sequel, (part 2) to Tonight They Come. It is the same story, but in the bad guy's point of view. In this part of the story, you will find out a lot more about the characters and their past. I hope you all enjoy this!

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