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The Science Club

October 4, 2009
By XMANHS BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
XMANHS BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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1 year ago
Elita is sitting in the hospital dazed not believing there was a reality anymore. Elita was in shock of what happened a month ago. Just yesterday she woke up from the hospital (after a long sleep) to find herself sitting on a bed with only a cloth dress as a covering. Embarrassed, she looked around to see that she was surrounded by the whiteness of the walls of the hospital and the smells of death, life and disinfectant. Doctors said it wasn’t a coma, but that she was in extreme shock. Enough shock to put her body to sleep for several days.
As Elita was sitting there she remembered everything of what had happened. Her embarrassment went away as quickly as it came. All of those nightmares she couldn’t wake up from, it felt like being trapped in a dark closing in box and no way of getting out of it. Little images like a movie trailer played in her head. It was a Sunday evening and Elita was with her family at the bank. They were making an account for Elita and her brother Thomas for college.
“Tell me why I came along again?” Said Elita annoyed as she scowled.
“Because you said you would come with me”, said Thomas whiningly with a pouty face.
Ever since they were little, Elita has been protecting Thomas from bullies and taking care of him. He was fragile and weak looking, easy to pick on.
“Ok, all right”, said Elita rolling her eyes, giving in.
“Hey look at that”, said Thomas, pointing outside of the window. A big white van was parked in the middle of the road blocking the cars from passing. As the cars were honking and trying to get through, 5 guys with masks were coming their way to the bank with big leather bags.
As the men walked to the bank they pulled out silver guns and started shooting at everyone. It looked like the guns were floating in midair and shooting by itself like magic. Elita noticed on one of the gunman there was an ugly red looking scar on his arm. All the other gunmen had the same scar also. Before she could do anything, a bullet went her direction and shot her through the chest. The last thing she saw was her family fall. Doctors said she was lucky that the bullet just barely missed her heart. As the movie trailer in her head stopped to an end Elita begin to lament in her grief.

Present Day
“Hurry up Elita you don’t want to be late for your first day of school!” called Aunt Jade in the car.
“Ok! You are going to be late for your meeting”, said Elita, as she was getting out of the car.
“Remember you have to go to the Science Club after school, ok?”
“Got it hurry up and go to your meeting already! Bye.”
The Science Club was not really a Science Club it is for people with supernatural powers. The club members visited her in the hospital and told her all about it. Elita met her best friend Nina there. Nina’s supernatural power is that she can shoot black flames from her hands. Nina was impeccable looking with flawless skin, shiny dark brown hair, and tempestuous looking blue eyes (but she was gentle). There was also Aden who could shoot out white flames. If a person had supernatural powers there would always be another person with the similar power.
The first time Elita found she had supernatural powers was when her aunt told her. She said supernatural powers ran in the family. Elita wasn’t surprised because Thomas said he sometimes saw apparitions. When their grandmother died Thomas said he sometimes saw her.
Elita sprinted to the school. It was a dark cloudy morning even though most of the time it is sunny. The school was about 100 years old. The building was made out of stones and chipping paint was coming off of the windows. Besides that everything else was fine. There were flowers of all kind planted near the school and around. Freshly cut healthy green grass. There were new painted parking spots and signs for parking. They also replaced the doors with new ones because it was so worn down and old.
Elita’s face formed into a smirked thinking about her supernatural powers. Her powers were unique, it was one of a kind, and nobody ever had it before. When somebody used his or her power against Elita it would fire back and hit the person who fired. It happened when Elita was in the grass place near the hospital when she was still a patient. Elita was meditating and Nina shot a fireball at her. The fireball stopped near Elita’s head and went back to Nina’s direction. It was a good thing Aden was there to stop the ball from hitting Nina. Elita also had the power to absorb other people’s power. The moment Aden, Elita and Nina met, Elita had their supernatural powers too.
Elita was vindictive, wanting to find the people who killed her family. Elita went to her classes and lunch lethargically. Finally at the end of the day Elita felt a small glint of hope as she walked to the Science Club. There was only Aden, Nina, and Elita in the club because they were the only people with supernatural powers in their little town. The club was to help you control and strengthen your powers.
“I need to go the bathroom”, Elita said as she was walking to the door.
“Alright”, Nina and Aden said in union.
As Elita opened the door a man was blocking the way. It’s them thought Elita in her head with animosity. It’s the men that killed everyone except Elita at the bank on that odious day.
They pushed Elita out of the way and locked the door. Nina and Aden got up in their fighting stances each with a ball of burning fire in a hand ready attack.
The leader was a colossal person. He was callous and nefarious looking. The leader was also bald as an egg. He was wearing a very expensive looking suit and golden watch. Probably bought it with the money they stole at the bank Elita thought in her head. The leader turned around to look at her as if he heard what she thought.
“Now you kids shouldn’t be playing with fire”, he said as a gun materialized from thin air floating in front of Elita.
“Well we are not any ordinary kids”, said Elita out loud with burning vehemence. She has been waiting for this day ever since the time at the bank. Elita has been hunting for them and trying to find them but had no luck. Now that he has found her it was even better.
“So you’re the one who survived the homicide my boys did?” said the leader in a doubtful voice looking at one of his minions.
“You couldn’t get rid of this little girl right here?” said the leader with anger in his voice as he pointed his hairy finger at Elita.
“Yes” said the minion in a weak squeaky voice.
“Well that is very unpleasant”, the leader said as his gun pointed to the minion and shot him in the head
“You are the only person to every survive one of our homicides, now that you survived we need to obliterate you. Don’t take it personally.” The leader said as he turned around to face Elita.
Before he could shoot, Elita catapulted a fireball at him. The fireball didn’t look like it had any affect on him. Then the shouting and gun firing began. It was total chaos and men were running about with black and white flames consuming them. People were screaming with agony and when the flames stopped, the burns waned until their skin was normal as before. People looked around at one another thinking they were demented or hallucinating. Elita took advantage of the chaos and threw another ball of fire at Baldy, just when she did the leader shot a bullet in her direction. This time the flames reacted and started to burn him. Elita focused on the bullet and it backfired back at Baldy, hitting him right in his arm making a bloody mess that even a doctor would feel queasy looking at.
“Call the police!” Said Nina to Aden, as Aden pulled out his cell phone.
Baldy slowly burning, the burning flesh was not a good smell. Little by little his skin burned away.
“You have to stop the flame.” said Nina, with her pallor face.
“This is my revenge for him.” Said Elita in a cold voice as she watched Baldy burn.
“You got to forgive and forget, killing is never the answer Elita. If you stop now he will be put in jail or all he has done.”
Nina watched Elita’s face soften into her own self.
“It’s ok Elita.” Said Nina as she walked to Elita and hugged her tightly.
“The police are coming.” said Aden as he extinguished the flames from Baldy’s burning body.
When the police came, all of them had supernatural powers. One of them even had the power to see the past by touching an object or a thing. So Elita didn’t have to worry about explaining what happened in the Science classroom.
In the middle of all the noise and raucous, Elita hugged her friends and simply said “Thank you.”

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