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Attack of The Chimps 3

October 3, 2009
By Mocahking SILVER, Wesminister, Maryland
Mocahking SILVER, Wesminister, Maryland
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The chimps found they had a formidable opponent. The Republicans were, little did they know it, going to be harder to conquer than Kyle and the Browning people. But the Republicans didn’t know they are at war, and that gave the chimpanzees an edge. The chimps were waiting until the Republican convention. Then they would drop their sonic bomb, which was currently being developed by Lauren.

The chimps maneuver was to drop their now-completed bomb on the Republicans. When the night came, they did what they wanted to and ALMOST no one stopped them. Now they had a new enemy. The sheep. They had AK-47s and hid nuclear bombs in their wool. The sheep drew their AK-47s and shot at the chimps, but they managed to run away. Then the sheep took jet planes out of their wool and flew away.

The extremely obnoxious sheep had the edge of storage capacity, but the chimps knew some strategies. For example, they knew Kyle’s cell phone number. Maybe he and the Browning people would assist them. They could not be certain that they would not attack them. When they called, Kyle was extremely surprised.
“Holy…”Thought Kyle as he looked at the caller ID on his phone. It read: Chimpanzees United. When he answered, an odd accented voice said “Hello Kyle. I believe you know who I am. Give me the assistance I need, or you will… DIE IN SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!” Jared burst out laughing. ”Ha, ha, scared ya, didn’t I!” He and Kyle, after the little joke, made plans for the humans to ally against the sheep, despite the past. That brings this story to the next scene.

As the Browning people army flew to the US, Zach wondered if they were walking into a trap. Kyle said that Jared didn’t sound evil when he was talking on his cell, so he doubted it. When they landed, the chimps were under an attack. The Browning army, with their exotic jellybean rifles, charged into battle.

“AAAAAAAAAAH!” screamed Eric as a sheep shot at him. They had been exchanging fire with the sheep and their rocket launchers (the rocket launchers were pulled out of their wool) for almost an hour now. He and his forces were getting tired. Than, all of a sudden, DU-DU-DU-DU! The sound of a machine gun sounded, and the humans had joined the match! The other Eric, commander of the land forces rolled beside the other Eric “Hi” said the other Eric.

“Hi.” said the other Eric.

“What have you been doing?” said the other Eric.

“Just fighting.” said the other Eric.

BOOOOOM! An explosion erupted above their heads. A sheep rocket launcher exploded. The 2 commanders rolled under a new rock. Then the sheep, realizing they were outnumbered, flew away in their planes. The humans and chimps followed the sheep in their own planes. “Watch out for anti-aircraft men and chimps.” Said the commander, Jake, as he shot down an enemy plane with potatoes. As the sheep planes drew closer to their base, Jared believed he knew who was behind it all. “It’s Bush!” Jared cried

“You will never defeat me!” Bush yelled into their planes. “And I have an ally who will kill you all……”

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