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February 1, 2008
By Anonymous

We sped down the road as Reina, Nicole, Steven, and I were on our way to ride the famous Hulk. I had a horrible fear of heights and the last thing i wanted to do was ride the rollercoaster.

When we got there we gazed up at the huge rollercoasters above us. I bit my lip as I watched the green monster slowly rise up the tracks. Steven had been watching too, because as soon as the rollercoaster had looped upside down, he sprinted for the line. Reina and Nicole ran after him. I reluctantly followed, with thoughts of the rollercoaster still running through my mind.

We waited on the line until the lady motioned for us to come take our seats on the ride. Panic filled my body. I climbed into my seat. It was too late to leave now. The rollercoaster was about to start. My sweaty palms gripped the handlebars. The worker yanked on a lever and i watched the ground move below me as my heart raced. I felt myself tilting backwards, so I shut my eyes. Suddenly, I felt my hair blow back, and a vicious gust of wind push against my face. I opened my eyes to notice the world, upside down, around me. I was on a rollercoaster. I had done it. I enjoyed the rest of the ride, twists and turns, the wind fighting my cheeks. I came off the rollercoaster with a smile from ear to ear. The amount of pride in me couldn’t be explained.

The lesson i learned from this experience was live life to the fullest. I had been afraid of rollercoasters for all of my life, and being afraid has cost me great experiences, and now I know that facing your fears pays off for a lifetime.

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