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December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

If you could focus your professional career on one crucial issue, what would it be and how would you use your Georgia Tech education to further that goal?
Career Plan: Post Georgia Tech
If admitted to Tech, I plan to get a degree in management with certificates in marketing and operations. Ideally, I would use my studies to combat the continuing struggle of college graduates with their presentations of themselves after graduation. Throughout my high school years, I have gathered work experience in both public relations and fashion. In addition to these skills, I have also mastered, to some extent, the art of conversing and communicating with intellectuals. When combined, I believe that I posses a powerful tool. Many students graduate from top universities, such as Tech, with degrees in astronomically difficult subjects. These students are able to handle a heavy workload and to understand just about anything. However, many of these students lack the necessary people skills that are required in today's work force. These students walk into interviews without sophisticated dress, looking as if they just rolled out of their dorm and happened to fall into some wrinkled black pants with mismatched socks. In addition to a below par physical presentation, many of these students lack the ability to be personable, approachable, and confident in an interview. While they may be over qualified for the position, they come across as less than mediocre in their interviews. My solution is to take my acquired marketing knowledge and ability to relate to these students and prepare them for their interviews. A course of sorts for graduating seniors will include grooming tips, interview do's and don’ts, and proper interview attire. I believe that one will go a lot farther in life if they are adequately prepared in all areas considered. With my degree from Tech I will be able to relate to these students on their level of intellect, but also help them to understand what will make them stand out amongst the other applicants. My degree would assist me in helping smooth a graduate’s transition from applying their technical skills to papers and research to applying it in the actual work force in which they will be forced daily to interact confidently with people in their chosen field. In such a position, I would take my marketing degree and use it to teach graduates how to market themselves as opposed to marketing a product. This would be addressing a crucial issue in the overall business world because it would aid the up and coming generation in furthering their careers.

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