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This I Believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you been in problems were love conquers all? Love from family and friends help overcome life’s problems? My name is Berry Neal Houp and I am 15 years old. I have had hard times hard times when love conquered all.

I believe that love conquers all. When I was born 12 weeks too early and I was in the hospital for two months because I was so sick. My Mom was also very sick and we both almost died. A baby jest born. I was in the hospital for two months because I was so sick. My mom having me, we both all most died. Some things I had to go to physical and speech therapy when I was only 2 and 3 years old. The therapist’s had to teach me new basic skills and how to use my muscles and how to grab things. To this day I have a hard time grabbing small things like nails, coins, etc… My family was 110% with me and they would pray for me. My family would show love by coming to see me and my mom would come to the hospital every day every chance she got to see me. I was in the neonatal intensive care unit mom could not stay with me all the time. When I came home my family had signs saying welcome home and my sisters didn’t want to leave my side at all.

Another life experience to show love is greater is my Uncle Greenberry. He acted as a dad when I didn’t have one. He would let me go with him to Christmas dinners at the firehouse and take the dog, Smokey Bear on walks. When my mom didn’t have the money for my needs he would step up and help out. He would act as a dad and let me have cool things like an axe and boots and toy fire truck. My uncle was always there for me.

The last reason to show love conquers all is, my Dad (who was my step dad but he has adopted me) who is always there for me. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. He doesn’t demand me to do things like rub his feet or something. He shows me love and would talk with me if I needed him. Dad loves me so much I think he would go to the ends of the earth. He told us once “we are all in this together”. When my sister left us I had never seen him cry until she left because he would do anything for us. That shows how much he cares about me.

You know my life, love over comes every thing. Even in the Bible it talks about love (John 3:16) for God so loved the world. But in my life I know love overcomes anything, my sickness, my uncle and dad. My family was there when I need them the most. So love can move mountains.

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