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   Dinner. Family dinners at my home are something that I will hold close to me forever. "Rosi, are you coming to dinner?" My mom asks this question almost nightly. I turn off my disc player and head to the dinner table, not always to eat but to have my cup of tea and spend time with my family. Dinner is something my family and I make time for. It is a time to discuss the happenings of our day and to share our thoughts. I feel that too many families nowadays don't make time to be together, for at least a half an hour, without being in front of a television. As the eleventh in a family of twelve, family dinners used to be hectic and loud. As children, after dinner, my younger brother and I would both sit on Daddy's lap and he'd give us tight hugs, the tighter the hug, the better, we thought. My family has grown up and my brother and I are much too big to sit on my dad's lap. I miss the nights of pandemonium because these days it's just my parents, my older brother and me for dinner. As I grow older, I'll never forget the nights spent talking around the dinner table. When I leave my home, I think one of the things I'll miss most is dinner and everything dinner stands for, at least, in my family. -

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i love this so much!