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Honesty Breeds Trust

December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

One day my mom put three hundred dollars on her dresser and then got in the shower. My little brother took them and hid them under his pillow. When my mom got out of the shower and couldn’t find them, she asked him if he knew where it was, and he said no. The next day my mom was changing his sheets and found them. He got in a lot of trouble. If he had been honest with my mom she would trust him. So it proves honesty breed’s trust.
In the novel Flowers For Algernon there are multiple times when the theme Honesty Breeds Trust comes up. At one point the people who worked in the factory with Charlie, made a petition saying Charlie should be fired. The only person who didn’t sign was Fanny, she told Charlie that, “ Them Changes. I don’t know. You used to be a good, dependable, ordinary man – not too bright, maybe, But honest. Who knows what you done to get yourself smart all of the sudden? Like everybody around here’s been saying, Charlie It’s not right.” (Keyes 216) Because of Fanny’s honesty, and the fact that she thought Charlie was honest, he trusted her.
Another example of this strong theme is shown in the movie, Mean Girls (Mark Waters). Cady lies to the people who think that she’s a good friend to use them to be popular. Cady said, “ That she could go back at anytime, and she’s not turning into one of them.” But her real friends saw it happening, a slow transformation. They couldn’t trust her anymore. If she were honest to the people who truly cared about her, she would be trusted.

This theme is also shown is in my own life. I remember when I played soccer; I was always so excited for the practices and the games, because my mom told me that I was good. Then one day I accidentally kicked my coach with the soccer ball, and he just came right out and told me how bad I was of a soccer player, and that I am an embarrassment to the team. I went home and told my mom what had happened, and she still said that I was pretty good. I knew she was lying. So from my coach showing his honesty to me, I knew that I could trust him.

One example of the theme honesty breeds trust comes from The Series of Unfortunate Events. Count Olaf decided to be the Baudelaire children’s guardian, after the tragic death of their parents, so he can inherit the Baudelaire Fortune. “I will get that Large Fortune”, (Brad Silberling) said Count Olaf, but he soon realizes that the fortune will go to the children when their eighteen (not to the guardian), unless something were to happen to the children. So Count Olaf makes many attempts to kill the children, but they always escape from his traps, because they know what he’s up to. The children told the authorities, and Count Olaf had to do everything he put the Baudelaire children through. If he was an honest man and took in the Baudelaire’s because he loved them, and not for money. They would trust him.
George Washington is one of our nations greatest examples, for theme honesty breeds trust. Washington left us with his advice to live by, I am only going to talk about one of these, but I thought it was important for you to know the rest. # 1 Rely on God, # 2 Honesty, # 3 Resist Political pressures, # 4 Formula for peace, # 5 Preserve the constitution, # 6 Liberty must include responsibility, # 7 Avoid Foreign Influence, # 8 Don’t expect favors from nations, # 9 Patriotism, and # 10 Thanksgiving to God. Honesty Was always apart of Washington’s Life, there is a famous story called Chopping Down A Cherry Tree, that really shows the honesty and trust of people Washington had. Georges Dad asked him if he new who cut down his little cherry tree in the garden, and George said, “ I can’t tell a lie Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie. I did cut it down with my hatchet.”(Parson Weems) George’s dad was so happy that he had told such an honest truth, that he wasn’t even mad about the cherry tree. He could only pay attention to what an honest man his son was. Washington is a great example to everyone, because if we were all like that, not only would we have great respect for one another we would have great trust in each other.

When you tell someone one of your deepest secrets, and make them promise not to tell anyone. You probably trust that person. What if you find out later that that person told someone else, you would fell betrayed and embarrassed. If you were the person who got to hear the secret would you want to be trusted? How would they trust you when you’re not honest when you make a promise. It just proves honesty breeds trust.

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