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Company dismissed

October 23, 2007
By Anonymous

“Bambambamba, takataka , Boom.” The cadence ends with a grave bass.

“Company Dismissed.” The unit commander shouts. I’ve been affiliated with parades and inspection, “what a hefty Sunday” I tell myself. It’s 1 o’clock, an awkward time to start the homework, and an awkward time to take a nap. I open my computer and receive a message from my friend, “mikeohiostate (오전 8:49:42): lets go to town.”
As I arrive in our gathering spot, I see my friends come one by one;

Piper: a space cadet, who often doesn’t know what’s going on. An actor, musical star and Sally, who trips everyday, everywhere, every way, yet charming and adorable and has a heart of a Mother Theresa with a beautiful smile.

Michael: Mr. “I hate rules, regulations, and religions”, a talented gifted musician, walks as if he just had yoga, and often lost and can not express his emotion, but very carrying and loving.
Romina: Industrial, Focused, Ambitious, Thoughtful. Romina is an ideal high school student that all our moms want us to be. People see her as a great athlete, great leader, and a great scholar, yet in my eyes, Romina is a good listener, a genial counselor, and a great friend of mine.

Ari: humorous, and gregarious, she is the only one who can make jokes and laugh with us rather than being laughed at. Always fun to be around with yet runs, swims, and drives fast, and furiously.

5 distinct characters meet in one place, All-State tennis player, Sally, guitarist, swimmer, and me. And we meet and we walk and we talk. We start our approximately-2hour-trip to town.

Walking through the forest, I trip, walking through plain cement, I trip. I sing “Cabaret~♫”, song that I would’ve never listened to 3 years ago. I walk as if there are no concerns, waiving my hands through the airs, appreciating the beauty of nature. I listen to people talk, and give them honest responses, one of the character traits that I never had before. I make jokes, which I get laughed at most of the times, but I create happiness.

My friends have formed me, from being an average Asian student to a bizarre yet strongly driven student. I have a lot more to experience about this place, but now I know who I am and what to do in this land. Now I’m proudly able to introduce myself as:
“My name is Andrew Piper Michael Romina Ari .”

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