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Leadership Camp

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

After playing a football game in the rain that lasted over three hours, most high school teenagers would not want to attend anything early the next morning, they would rather sleep. Since it was school related, that also meant that most people would not be in attendance. There was also another reason not to go. That reason was that we would be sitting for five or more hours listening to a speaker. Most kids would not even think of going to this leadership camp, but for me my choice was a little different.
I, along with about 50 other classmates, was chosen to attend this leadership camp. This camp was for students that got nominated by teachers, coaches, or the administration for their outstanding leadership skills used in the classroom and in their different athletics. Getting nominated for this camp is not easy, since there are over 2300 students in our school. There is also a certain amount of students from each grade level that get chosen.
During the camp, there were activities that included all different groups of students. The main point of the leadership camp was to help create ways for our high school to succeed. We had to come up with ideas to make our school better. One idea was to have more pep assemblies. Our school rarely has them, and as a group we thought that having these assemblies would help unify the students. Another little problem that was though up was with the separation of the sports. We came up with ideas on how all sports could benefit all of the other sports.
The plan was for the camp to last all day. With the sun shining bright, and having a chance to be on a lake, I was tempted to leave, but I didn’t. I didn’t leave because our group needed input from me and my friends. After lunch, the camp started to become more interesting, and more fun. With the day coming to the end, we got an opportunity to leave early, but I chose to stay with my friends and swim in the water park. After this leadership camp, I learned that I was one of the leaders of our school, and our school needs all the leaders that it can get.

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