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Infatuations VS Love

February 25, 2023
By Sayantiny_Writes BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
Sayantiny_Writes BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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Love is an anonymous concept, which had it's roots from an unknown antecedent. It is a very diversified perception, and can be so much more than your contained imagination. Whereas some people assume love to be a synopsis of youthful fairytales, all the fine hues of this world, the softened end of your reality. It is dithering to think about if they will ever take love as a responsibility to live through reality and make a life worth living, not to make belief a cheesy fairytale to conquer reality. Infatuations are what some may call love, which is a fundamental of obsession bound mental illness. Love is the twinflame of mother nature, which changes it's shades in every person's life. For some, it can be walking on the shady pavements when its autumn, for some, it is the mediocre midnights and the colour of sunsets and for some, its the smell of bakeshops early in the morning. Whatever the typical idea of love might be, it has to make you learn how to live in this realm, how to make a living and live through. And the concept of perfect love is a contended sign of our Infatuations, that'll always be so much unreal. 

        Infatuations are what we all have, and sometimes, we're mistaken of calling it love. We'll always be haunted by the dilemma of our mistake in replacing love with obsession, until we really come across love in life. It is pretty disturbing to see how one denies having obsession with an object at the time of having so, and yet, with time lapsing by, at some point, you're cleared with the contrast between the two. It is very much clarified that, infatuations are a fine two-day trip to your fairy world, but love is a higher thoughtful concept, which might gift you with all the thorns, untill you clench them with ease.

           It is very cryptic to put up with a literary definition of love, penned down by great minds, because you might be experiencing love in brawling for your dreams in life or in the sweetness of the early morning silence or just with people you've a mental inclination with. Only if one feels he has a reason to fight for, a dream worthy living for which he never tries to catch hold of and cage, rather, lets it free in the wilderness of time, to create a mesh of vibrance around them, that is when love will find it's seeds in one's life. Whatever be the shape and form of love, it only makes you a freebird who then knows, how to rise for one more time, after falling for a million.

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