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Getting into Harvard

October 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I have always wondered what kind of person could get into a place like Harvard. Well, they have to be bright, of course-the unbelievably kind of smart. Everybody knew that.
I’ve heard of people like Felix Zhang, the youngest student selected to study at the Julliard School International Summer Music Academy in Germany. He’s also the one that got no less than a 710 in all his SAT scores, president of debate, Model UN…and so on. There’s definitely no place more suitable for a guy like him than inside the gates of Harvard.
That seven letter word makes my toes tingle every time I hear it. Throughout the nation, there are probably hundreds of thousands of high schools, hundreds of thousands of valedictorians, and hundreds of thousands of people’s college applications that will surely stand out more than the rest. How hard could it be to get into a school like that? I guess it’s the work, effort, pressure, and the tormenting of waiting for a fat envelope with “congratulations” stamped all over it to arrive in your mailbox so that you’ll have even more confidence when you slip on that Harvard sweatshirt you always slept in ever since you decided that it’ll give you good luck.
What makes Harvard so hard to get into? Is the prestigious look of it, the amazing people you’ll get to know once you walk the halls of it, the pressure and the victorious feeling that it gives you once you get into it, or is it all above? I guess it’s everything a person could hope for, really. Even though Harvard is freakishly old, it has a charm to it that makes you realize that this place educates mostly all the smart, brilliant, and different people all gather in this place where they can help the world and do great things in life. And you think, maybe one day I can walk through the halls and listen to a Harvard professor lecture about knowledge while sitting in a room full of wonderful students that each have their own specialties and know, for a fact, that I’m one of them.
The biggest pride a child could earn for their parents may actually be getting into a school like Harvard, or Harvard, itself. After everybody has received their rejections or congratulations, people will ask where you got accepted. And when you say Harvard…well, enough said.
The great feeling comes from the fact that you know that somewhere out there, that a place like Harvard actually wants you and accepts you for who you are. The people who gets into Harvard may be the people in high school that had too many smarts installed in their brains that no one wants to even be their friend, or they could be someone that’s invisible to everybody else’s eyes. And after all the pressure, hardship, and possibly sitting by yourself in the school library every lunch, studying AP textbooks, you finally know that in a place filled with great people, you are offered to become one of the greatest people in the nation, possibly the world.
Harvard. Harvard. Harvard. Don’t you just love that word?

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on Apr. 5 2016 at 11:55 pm
Lilyw2015 BRONZE, Lantana, Texas
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I loved this article! Everything you said is exactly me... "sitting in the library studying AP textbooks" is my daily life. That's awesome you got in-I'm sure you deserve it!!