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Driver On the Road

May 28, 2011
By anzzz SILVER, Batam, Other
anzzz SILVER, Batam, Other
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Many driver has to be carefull when they are driving their own vehicle on the road. First it is the most important thing to safe their own life. Because if they got an accident, they have to go to the hospital and need much money to pay it. And if we are driving carefully we are not only save our self but also safe other’s life And sometimes the people who get an accident lose the part of their body.

Second the carefull driver can safe their vehicle is hit by another vehicle. when their vehicle was hit by another driver's vehicle, the vehicle owner have to find the best way to repair their vehicle. Of course they have to spend a lot of money to repair their vehicle. For example when the brake of your vehicle is not work well, you can not handle your accelerate of your car or your motorcycle on the road, because you have to repair or fix your brake first. After that you can through the highway fluently.

Those are The rule of driving such as:

If you ride a motorcycle you have to wear helmet, the safety jacket and wear shoes.

When you drive the car you have to use the safety belts, and make sure your fuel is not empty

Third the carefull driver can help the police reduce many accident that happen on the road. Because there is many accident like the car or motorcycle hit people until they are die. If your vehicle hit someone, you will get a big problem with police, then you have to bring the victim of that accident to hospital quickly. And you have to pay again to for all the accident that caused by you. And make sure he or she will be alright. And that accident can cause the traffic jam on the road so other people can’t continue their journey or their activities on the highway.

What about the careless driver, the careless driver cause many looses in everywhere. They always get a big problem with police. And sometimes the careless driver always go to the jail for their attitude. They have to spent the rest of their life in jail.

Finally it's all we return to ourselves, whether we want to be a carefull driver or a careless driver that can cause a lot of losses.

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