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SAT Word Fun Part I

June 8, 2009
By Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
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So… I’m at home. It’s Monday night. School’s out and guess what I’m doing? You guessed it! Studying SAT words. And how old am I? Fourteen. Fresh out of eighth grade and a new freshman! A bit young huh? Well, I agree. But if I wasn’t studying the SAT vocab words right now, I wouldn’t be writing this. And you wouldn’t be reading this! And that means you all would be bored with nothing to do.

Now on with the story. I come to the word “abbreviate” which means: to shorten or condense by omitting letters or words. The word omitting brings to my mind the word vomiting and vomiting omits stuff from your body! What a connection. Now, the example in the handy book I’m using is: These days, not many people know that R.S.V.P was originally used to abbreviate the French phrase “repondez s’il vous plait,” meaning, “please reply”. Very interesting right? So I also came up with an example: Nowadays, EVERYONE knows that ASAP is currently used to abbreviate the commonly used American phrase “as soon as possible,” which is used frequently when someone is in a hurry! My lame attempt at a joke. I hope you all got the joke.

Moving on the word number dos (Spanish for two)! The word is aberrant. Hmmm… Can you guess what that means? Well, if you guessed: Unusual for accepted or expected norms, then you are right! The example sentence is: The girl knew her brother wanted something because of his aberrant friendly behavior. I totally agree with the girl. If your brother is being nice, make sure you don’t fall into the trap. Dun dun dun… And now for my sentence: Everyone knows that something went wrong with the popular girls’ plans because of their aberrant super angry demeanor (usually they were just mean, but now, they are plain evil). Okay… I think I know this word now!

The next word is “abet” which means: to help commit a crime. Awesome, a slightly creepy one! The book’s example is: She was shocked to learn that by simply driving him to the airport, she had abetted in the commission of a crime. Wow that’s a girl kept in the dark… So my sentence is: She handed him the gun, shaking inside, knowing that if her boyfriend was caught, she would be guilty too, since she would have abetted in the commission of a murder. I’m a dark person at times. I can write very scary stories. Beware….

Down the line to word number four! Abeyance, a temporary halt to an activity or a short suspension. I wonder if this applies to schools? Like when you get suspended from school… I don’t know… The example, you ask? Well here it is! The presentation was in abeyance until the technical problem could be resolved. Now, this was a harder one for my own example, but in the end, I came up with: After Melanie slipped into a coma, it seemed as though everyone’s lives were in abeyance, frozen in time, waiting for their Queen to awaken. So, pretty good huh? It was an interesting sentence wasn’t it? Well, this concludes Part One of the SAT Word Fun! Please check back soon for Part Two!!!!

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