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trecin the fox

November 15, 2022
By Anonymous

The characteristics of Trecin the fox are eating, breathing, reproduction, cellular regenerating, response to stimuli, growth and development, adaptation through evolution, homeostasis, habitat and shelter. Foxes eat berries, rabbits, rodents, birds, frogs and earthworms and they aren't carnivorous and mainly eat berries and fruit. Foxes breathe oxygen like any other animals do; they aren't special. Foxes find mates via vocalizations, and also utilize their scent marking to communicate to find mates. Foxes have cellular regeneration because if they get hurt they do heal to be better. Foxes respond to stimuli because they are aware of their surroundings and everything around they hunt by smelling the scent or blood of prey. Foxes use growth and development by growing to be better hunters and better hiders. They evolve to fit their surroundings like adapting to a new place. Foxes adapt like humans adapt to a new environment; they adapt to the animal like the prey and predators because arctic foxes evolve to stay in the cold and normal foxes adapt to the warm environment. Foxes' shelter is underground so predators can't reach them and they can stay warm and hide easter. A foxes habitat depends on where they live. For example arctic foxes live underground in the snow and normal foxes live underground in mountains and forests under trees.

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this is a school prodject i wanted to share with others 

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