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Love @ Evony Prep

April 21, 2011
By Bryona BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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Bryona BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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I didn't really believe I was a “bad” child, I mean I had times were I stole money from my mothers purse but that was when I was 10 years old. As I got the age of sixteen, I grew more independent, mature( Physical wise). But I guess I didn't see I was really bad till my mom and step-father sent me away. I dreaded the name “Prep School”. “But mom what are you talking about”. I said to my mother and Rick (my step-father). While a tear dropped down my face. My life flashed before me right then and there. I had a boyfriend and I have to leave him to God knows where. “We have had enough of your insecure, immature,and non respectful ways. We are sending you to a Prep School in Utah, called Evony Prep.” Rick said with my mother right beside him. “But mom, I'm sorry, I'll do anything, I mean anything mom. You can't make me leave my life here. I have a boyfriend and friends. My friends will forget about me and as well as my boyfriend. You guys don't care about me at all do you. God Damit, listen to me I'm not f*ing going you understand?” “You will not Curse at your mother like that again!”Rick said. He clearly was pissed off. “It's fine honey,and for you Victoria, if your friends really are your friends and care for you they won't ever forget about you same goes for you immature boy friend, Zac.”My mother said with a polite look on her face. What always surprised me is that every time my mother was angry or even sad, she would have the most mature and polite facial expressions. Weird huh? “ So when am I leaving?” “ In a week. We booked your plane for 6:00am Friday, August 10.” “ Damn, I'm going to go call everyone, and tell them I'm leaving and also I'm going to call my boyfriend, and go spend time with him. Cause clearly, you two don't care for my feelings what so ever nor my love life.” “Bye, be home by dinner.” “Whatever.” I said as I stormed out of the front door of the house. “What the hell, life sucks. Do I even get a say in my life? H.E.L.L.T.H.E.N.O!” As I say to my self in my non-realistic place inside of my mind. I should have seen this coming. I mean I would sneak out at odd times at night, skipped school, got drunk, and vandalized. It's not like I had been having sex, I'm still a virgin. But I can't say I haven't thought about it, all though I'm completely not ready for that with my studies and all. Even though I skipped school from time to time I always got good grades, did my homework, and got caught up on school. After running through my thoughts I texted Zac. Zac something bad has happened :( meet me at the usual spot. To: Zac <3 Sent By: Victoria K. Babe I am ons my way ttyt babe. To: Vic Sent By: Zac OK. I miss you see ya. To: Zac <3 Sent By: Victoria I got in to my car on my way to Zac and I old childhood tree house. It takes awhile to get there because I have moved since then. God, help me. Why did I have to be a bad kid? Better yet, Why am I a bad kid? For the past 15 min I asked myself that question as every single min passed. I pulled up to the drive port that goes in front of the forest and parked my car. Zac's car was already there so I guessed that he was already there. So I walked and walked until I got to the tree house and climbed up the ladder, he was sitting there looking through a telescope. “ You were never one to be scientific.” I said to Zac, wondering if he noticed I was trying to make it funny when it truly wasn't. “Hey, Baby what's wrong? What happened? Whose ass do I have to kick? Who hurt you?” He looked so worried. Oh how I loved it when he would get all worked up over nothing. But clearly this was something to him and I. “Honey, Speak slowly. Nothing is wrong. Nobody hurt me.” “Victoria Rose Vanzetti you are lying and I know it!” “ My parents are sending me to a Prep School.” “ Baby, that's alright we will still be able to see each other don't worry.” “ No Zac. You don't get it, there sending me to Utah.” I said as a tear ran down my face, I could tell that I was crying like a baby bird when his mother leaves him. I couldn't stop. “ O. That's another story. Victoria we can run, run far were they can't get you. This is all my fault, you told me they would try to tare us apart.” He says as he takes me in his arms and kisses me hard on the lips. I lay my head on his hard chest and wiped my tears. “ It's not your fault they said it was mine, because of me being immature and disrespectful. You know before we started to hang out and date, I would sneak out, drink, smoke, and skip school this has been happening for awhile.” “I feel like it's my fault though, I'm more immature than you, and you know it. Vick you can't leave me. I mean I'll miss you.” OMG he was crying this was the first time I have ever seen him cry, absolutely unbelievable. “ Please please, don't cry..... Please don't. Don't put this all on you, It's not your fault what-so-ever. Maybe I can stay the night with you until I have to leave. I leave in a week, Friday, August 10.” I said as I wiped the tears away from his face. “ That would be nice, your leaving to soon though. Babe, we need to get home. You need to go ask your parents, my parents of course don't mind they love you. I'll come with you to your house if you would like. What we will do is I'll drive behind you.”He said as he stood up, dragging me up with him. “OK. Let's go.” He jumped down out of the tree house, down to the ground. I got to the last step on the ladder, and Zac reached out his hand so I could take it, so I did I jumped off as well. When I got down we had a very long kiss,it was a long passionate kiss. It was very nice, I liked it. Oh how much I will miss them kisses. I got into the car, and drove as well did Zac behind me. I loved the since of secretary with Zac behind me, I knew he would protect me and he always would. Jesus, we are almost to my house. I can't even say what will happen, or what my parents will say, and right now I really don't care at all. We got to the house, and I still couldn't get out. I started to cry, when suddenly I heard a knock on my car window, it was Zac. “ Come on Victoria, you'll have to face them some time today. So come on.” He said as I got out of the car. “ Come on then.” We walked up to my front door and opened it my parents were sitting on the couch. “Why are you so late? Your grounded, you understand?” Rick said. “ I was with Zac, I'm sorry.” “ You don't have to apologize, to him Victoria. Its my fault Rick. God Dammit Rick what is your problem? Your sending her to Utah, and she left and told you two, she was coming to spend time with me, and you go around treating her like sh**.” “ Mom, Rick I'm going to spend a couple of days at Zac's. OK. Actually im going up stairs and packing all of my things and not coming back, and Zac can drop me off at the plane when it's time for me to go. So I'll be needing my plane ticket.” “ No.” Rick said as my mother cutted him off. How rude of her, I liked it. “ Sure Victoria. I have to give you some money for Utah and stuff like that of course, Baby I'm sorry.But you need to change your ways. I Love You.” “I know Mom. So I'll go pack my stuff.” “ I already packed it. Here is your money and plane ticket.” She said as she smiled and passed me the money and I counted it. Wow $2,300 dollars. “ Come on, Zac you can help me bring my stuff down to your car.” “ Rick, you go help also.” Mother said. “OK. Honey.” Both Rick and Zac said at the same time. They both followed me up the stairs.( Zac hated Rick, well so did everyone else except my mom. I always hated him, I mean he tried to get into my moms pants right when my father died. Thats proof enough. Wouldn't you hate him also? Zac hated him because Rick always controlled my life, and told my mom that Zac just was trying to have sex and leave me. Zac and Rick are arch- enemies.) We got up to my room and I walked in and everything was still there. Except for like 6 bags and three boxes. “ OK. Rick you get these boxes, Zac you get three bags and I'll get the other three.” Zac and Rick walked down the stairs to Zac's car, I heard the door open. I guess they got the things in the car that fast. I couldn't get up the courage to walk out of my room. Well I knew I had to. Because for my mom's sake I needed to change, and then maybe she'll understand she needs to dump that sorry ass of a husband, Rick. I grabbed the bags and walked out of my room. I went down the stairs and then outside. “ Here Victoria, give me your bags I'll put them in the car. You go say good bye to your mom.” Zac said as I passed him my bags and he went out side to the car. “I'll start the car baby.” He got into the drivers side and started the car. “Bye, Mom I'll miss you a lot.” I said to my mom. I'm surprised I didn't cry, I guess I'm just cried out today. “ Honey, I'll miss you also. No I will miss you a lot more than you think. Don't hate me cause I'm making you go.” “ Mom, I will never hate you.” I said as she smiled upon me. I loved her, well of course I did, she is my mother. I gave her one last hug, and she kissed my cheek. Then I walked out the door, and waved Goodbye. I got in the car soon after. “ OK. Let's go to your home away from home.” Zac said as he started the car and drove ,he had a big old grin on his face. I thought it was so not acceptable after what has happened. “ Don't make that face to long, or it will stay that way.” Right after I said that he wiped the big grin off his face, and I smiled. “ Sorry. I really am.” “ Why are you saying sorry? There is no need, I was only joking.” “ No you weren't.” “ Yes I was.” I laughed, he is so immature, as well as I. “ OK. OK. I get it. Did you get everything?” “ Yes. Do you have what I told you to get?” “ The condoms?” “ Hahahahahaha very funny.” “ Baby, I know you don't want to have sex till we are married. But what if we are never marry?” “ Don't you even think like that Zachery. Just don't please.” “ It was just a thought.” “ Well don't put those thoughts in your head nor in my head.” “ OK. Sorry.” “ Please, stop saying sorry.” “ Are you PMSing.” “ As a matter of fact I am.” “ That would explain all your nagging.” He winked at me as he took my hand. “ So did you ask your parents If I can stay?” “ No. You know they won't mind. They love you like a daughter.” “ Where will I sleep?” “ Well I was hoping you would sleep in my bed with me, but if you don't want to you can sleep in the guest house.” “ I would love to sleep in your bed with you, but we're not going to do anything “stupid”. OK.” As in stupid I meant sex of course I felt so weird, I mean Zac asked if I would sleep with him, but not do anything, it was surprising. “DUH!” Zac said with a big smile. “ You're a dork.” “ I know, you should meet my father, O wait you have.” Zac joked with me. Obviously as you can see his jokes are not at all funny nor anything close to it. “ I know what I'm getting you for Christmas.” “ What?” “ A joke Book.” I smiled and tried to look cute, sweet, and a smart-ass at the same time. “ Meanie.” “ I know, you should meet my Step-Father, O wait you already have.” I mocked him. “ Suck it.” He said as he pulled the car into the gas station port and got out to get.... Well I really don't know what he was getting at that time. “ I RATHER NOT SUCK IT!” I yelled out the window to him. I was so embarrassed because the old lady that lived across the street from me shook her head left from right like she was ashamed of me. That was funny, I mean it's not everyday a elderly women is listening up on a girl and her boyfriends conversations, and yet it is every day and a knew the lady.

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(More to Come)

“The lady was staring at us again, every time we come here she happens to be here and absolutely annoying.” I said to Zac as he pumped the gas. “Really, maybe she wants you to be her next victim in death.” “ Where in the hell do you get this stuff?” He was so retarded, and incompatible. But I love him and that all that matters. I mean its not like anyone else cares in my life except my mother in some kind of a way. Rick never cared for me or anyone else that is. He is a douche bag. Excuse my teenage humor, it comes completely with PERIODS. Inside joke for the love struck. Honestly, I don't even think I'll make it to my grave with Rick in my dang darn way. “ Victoria, am I funny?” “ Sometimes when its time to be funny.” “ Gee, Thanks.” “ Anytime baby, That's what I'm here for.” “ If it makes any difference, your hysterical.” “Stop, being mean Zac. God don't like ugly.” “ Well you started it.” “ I love you Zachery Maxwell.” “ I love you too. Are you ready to go?” Zac said as he got into the car and started it. “ Well I guess. I mean your the driver.” I said with a big old grin upon my face. “ We should get married.” “ What?” Oh god is this his wild way to ask me to marry him. Holy S*** what will he say next. (More to Come)

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