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The Haunting

October 17, 2018
By Gustely22, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Gustely22, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The Haunting

Authors note: I want readers to know about a fun event in my life. The impact I wanted my readers to see is the meaning of friendship, teamwork, and trust along the way. When things get hard don’t give up persevere.

I knew deep in my gut that this wasn’t going to go well, but I did it anyway…  

It was a damp and chilling evening, perfect for a fall haunted house. My friends and I had the idea that we wanted to do something for Halloween since it was coming around the corner; so we went to a haunted house because there’s nothing more perfect than a haunted house in fall.

Since I was a little girl I always loved fall because of all the decorations and Halloween of course. There was just nothing like the wonderful smell of the cool autumn air,  the golden autumn leaves swirling and waltzing as if putting on a grand show to the ground; or the leaf-carpeted, multicolored ground that would crunch as you walked across the ground. That is what fall is to me.

I remember my first haunted house, I was 6. I had never been to a real haunted house before, and I was practically dancing with excitement.  With a huge smile plastered across my face from ear to ear, I walked through the broad gateway of the entrance. I don’t remember exactly what was in the haunted house, but I do remember coming out of that haunted house with the same huge smile plastered across my face. Since then I knew that I would always adore haunted houses.

I was dark when we got to the fairgrounds, and we got our tickets and persuaded to go inside; only to find that there was a waiting line before you even got to the first house. The line took an incredibly and hour to get through, we waited and waited and waited. While we waited there was a lingering clown that walked around scaring people with his horn. I thought it was funny, but my friend Izzy did not, by any means, like the clown as she hid behind me whenever he would pass. Along with the clown, there was really creepy “little girl” orphan going around as well. I was getting bored rigid so I went on my phone. I feel someone breathing heavily on my shoulder, and it’s tickling my neck, so I look up to see who was intensely breathing on me. I figured it was one of my friends, but to my surprise when I turned to look, it was the “little girl” “Oh my” I said, jumping back while she just stared at me and slowly walked away. Haunted houses are always fun, but can also be really strange at times.

Once we finally got to the first house, we looked at it in aw. Now I’ve seen quite a few haunted houses before, but this one took it to a whole new level. There were three different houses, and each house had a different theme. This one was an old Victorian house and the doors were open revealing the hallway darker than the night sky. “I am so not ready for this!” one of my friends said before entering the doors of the old Victorian house to her dismay.

“Oh come on it’ll be so fun,” I said.

“I not sure I believe you” She replied.

It was incredibly dark, so I couldn’t see if anything was going to pop out and scare you, that’s the part I liked, the unknown. There were a lot of dark hallways that you would have to feel your way through, with sudden unexpected turns. My friends and I went through the rooms getting scared by all the clowns popping out of pictures on the wall right next to us, and the steam coming from the floor. The basic scares like  “Ah and Boo” sadly got us at times too. We walked out of the first house thrilled for the next even though we knew it would be scarier than the last one.

As we were walking up to the second house the lady by the doors asked how we liked the first one. We all replied with a joyful good.

“well, that’s good, because this one is going to be even better!” The lady said. I liked that each house was going to be better than the last; It was more terrifyingly fun that way.


We were almost done with the second house, it was a breeze, and not nearly as scary as I thought it would have been which was disappointing to me. It was definitely the most creative haunted house so far, remembering all the fake body parts atop the ceiling that was as hard as a rock and would hit you in the face every time tried to advance to the next room. You would push a body part back so it wouldn’t hit you and then you would end up hitting the person behind you. So you had to block your face and keep walking. It was like when you rewatch a movie, it’s cool the first time, then it got really annoying after you continue to rewatch it.  


We got to the third house, this one was the hardest one there was. We were taking so long to figure out where we were supposed to go, because of all the trick hallways. We went the wrong way so a zombie dude had to show us the right way. When we finally found the right way, we found ourselves in a new room. This new room had strobe lights in the whole room. There were walls that could change into doors and it seemed like everything was going in slow motion. To make it worse everything was white, so it was nearly impossible to see the walls even if you tried. The actors in the room kept telling us directions but would change them. You wouldn’t believe how many times we forgot the directions that they had said. I hated how they would question us about each thing. “Do you really want to go that way?” the guy said.

After feeling like I was going to pass out Layla and I found the door to get out, hallelujah; Layla and I started to walk out so ecstatic when the actors screamed “AH, NO that’s not right” at us. Defeated, we went back inside and walked around the room for another 800 minutes opening every door and feeling all the walls for a hidden door to get out. Eventually, it turned out Layla and I was right all along.

I still love haunted houses, but I think that I’m going to take a break for awhile, and just enjoy fall. It’s important in life to know to trust yourself, and others along the way no matter what it is in life that you're stuck on;  don’t always believe something that someone said. Also make sure you use teamwork in life to solve problems that arise, because you could find it surprisingly helpful.

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