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January 18, 2010
By Nate1677 SILVER, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Nate1677 SILVER, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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I began working on this piece by mixing white and blue directly on canvas and then after doing this, I wiped it away to create a multi colored background where each color is distinguished. After doing this I looked at a picture of The Bridge of No Return at DMZ in South Korea. My personal travels to Korea have given me a chance to see this monument where hundreds of flags, papers and articles of clothing are hanging from a wall. This specific monument is a moving place that is wildly vibrant and full of optimism in such a dangerous part of the world.

Each of the colors where mixed off canvas, but each color consisted of three different tones like pink, red and magenta for example. These colors where then placed on the canvas and once finished were mixed on canvas with a dry brush. This technique turned out well on my piece because each color is still separate and visible. This piece uses color and line to show the vibrant nature of this location in Korea.

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